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When you are confronted with a legal problem within one of the following areas

Have you received an indictment, or a sanction imposed by the prosecutor?

If you have received an indictment to appear before the criminal court, it is of the utmost importance to address a specialized lawyer as quickly as possible. Our criminal law experts are highly trained and experienced. Together with you, they will prepare every detail of your case, and they will defend you against the charges at the public hearing.

If you have received a sanction imposed directly by the prosecutor (="strafbeschikking") it is only possible to appeal against this sanction within 14 days. It is very important to appeal, because otherwise you are assumed to have accepted the criminal sanction and agreed with the charge. The sanction will then appear on your criminal record in the Netherlands. We advise you to contact one of our criminal law experts to assist you, whenever you receive a sanction by the prosecutor. The sanction can either be a fine, or community service.

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Has a relative been arrested by the (immigration) police?

When a family member has been arrested, our specialized lawyers will immediately provide you and your relative with legal assistance. You can contact our lawyers at any time, at the emergency telephone numbers provided on our website.

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International criminal law? (extradition, European Arrest Warrant?)

Do you or does your relative have a problem concerning international criminal law? Has a request been issued for your extradition, or has an European Arrest Warrant been issued? Our specialized lawyers can effectively assist you with the international criminal procedure. Through our international network we will make sure you receive optimal legal assistance, both in the Dutch and the international jurisdiction.

We have an international criminal law practice and are associated with, inter alia, the following international law firms: Toledo & Toledo Abogados in Bogotá, Colombia and Hacohen Wolf Law Offices in New York.

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Do you wish to obtain a residence permit (for your partner)?

If you and your partner or spouse consider to live together in The Netherlands, you will have to deal with the requirements as imposed by the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (IND). You will have to request an authorization for temporary stay ("mvv") or a residence permit. The immigration law specialists of Van Appia and Van der Lee will gladly assist you and advise you in these matters.

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Are you confronted with possible deportation or immigration detention?

Our attorneys assist many clients who are confronted with a possible deportation by the Dutch immigration authorities. Many of our clients are arrested by the Immigration police and are placed in immigration detention facilities. Whenever this situation occurs, it is of the utmost importance to approach our immigration attorneys as soon as possible, so that we can start the necessery legal procedures and try to prevent deportation, and end the immigration detention as soon as possible.

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